Monthly Archives: August 2012


Yeah, that’s my favorite smiley for now. o.O O.o

That’s because I’m confused [ob. :p]

And that’s because I got into 3 departments! o.O

1. Department of Photography [DoPy]

2. Department of Creative Media[DCM]

3. Waves Controls. [Waves is going to be HUGE this year.]

I will be in all of them, but what I am confused about is how to manage them all. o.O

I will figure that out soon, I guess.

I HATE BIOLOGY. ‘Nuff said.

I created a photography page on facebook ^_^

Right now, I am working on taking more and more photos, and want to get better with each shot. I am learning. I will grow with my page. It will be slow at first, and will take a lot of work, but I guess I can do that.

College is fun, people are great, fests are going to be huge.

More on that later, bye for now. (:


Here I Am

I am in my hostel room, at the BITS Pilani KK Birla Goa Campus.

When I started preparing 2 years ago, I knew where I was headed: to IIT.

But then, in a twist of tales, I came to BITS. And this place is awesome.

I wanted something realted to computers, and I got the 4 year bachelor’s degree course named MSc(Tech.) Information Systems. Its structure is similar to Computer Science.

I got what I wanted, happy now. 😀

So, now I have decided to start blogging again 😆 and I know I will get bored of it very soon.

This is my old blog : UPDATE : The old URL is not is use now, so I removed all my blog posts.

Many of the posts there seem irrelevant and odd to me now, but I will let them be.

I have developed a keen interest in photography, don’t know where it will take me!

I will try to blog frequently, although I am busy now-a-days.