Monthly Archives: October 2012

End Of Woes.

T2 is over. You see, here at BITS, we follow MIT pattern. That means, we have T1, T2 and Compre. T1 and T2 have 20% weight-age each and compre has 40%. Rest 20% is distributed in lectures in form of surprise quizzes, and assignments. But now, finally, T2 is over and its time for Waves. I am in the Department of Photography(DoPY) and in Waves Controls(managing body) too. So it means a lot of work for me. But yeah, I will be free during the time of “Special Nites”, so it will be a lot of fun too! And anyway, I don’t mind clicking!

Lots of colleges are coming and since the festival went international this year(DLC), so its going to be great!

Apart from that, I’m also getting back to JavaScript which I left due to T2. And about getting back to things, I will get back to photography too, as I am going to visit a nearby lake now. Let’s see what I get!



Wired In.

Yeah, I’m always wired in. I can’t live without the internet. I like learning stuff, and that’s what I am doing right now. I am onto design and web development right now(HTML, CSS, JavaScript,  jQuery) from codecademy. I will get on to more advanced stuff too, and also php and MySQL. I have decided this is what I really want to do, and also, photography. I aim to learn a lot of stuff, and yeah I am going to give a lot of time to it. I will get into coding too, later on. These all are the reasons I came here, took IS(by choice). So, I have got to work. Yeah, I am lazy, but this thing I will do as I this is what I really want.

There has been a revival of my interest in astrophysics and particle physics, all thanks to Raj. He is also doing great social work in Goa, his organisation Fascination is getting bigger each day! I am in it, but I haven’t really worked yet :\. Also we got the awesome SkyMaster 15×70 Binocular for our hostel. We saw the Orion nebula, and the M41 open cluster today morning at 4 AM. It was a great experience. I also saw a meteor, it just swooshed through. 🙂

I also have been thinking, should I stick to wordpress or go back to blogger? As it seems, blogger gives me more freedom. I know will help, but I don’t know that stuff yet. But I’ve decided to be here for a while and start learning to use wordpress properly.

That will be all for now 🙂

PS: Got two tests tomorrow not started yet, gotta rush. 😛