Compre Time.

Yeah, it is Compre time, the exam of 3 hours which has the most % in total marks. It starts from 1st December till 10th December.

After that, I we have Geminids on 13th-Dec. 😀 I guess I forgot to mention about my interest in astrophysics, especially observational astrophysics. So we have this meteor shower on 13th December 2012, which is going to be huge. I will be out observing. Then, I will depart, to go back home, on 15th. Can’t wait for this exam to get over. 😐

Yeah, so that’s all, now I will be off, studying Biolog (sigh).

PS : For more info on Geminids, you can check Spacedex.

PPS : I left Waves Controls, which was fun to work at, but still was too hectic, combined with DoPY work!

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