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Geminids 2012

Yeah, so I stayed back on campus a bit, although by mistake, but then I knew I had to be there for the Geminid meteor shower. Geminids peaked from 11.30 PM on 13th December to 5AM on 14th December. So, loaded with apt songs and a pair of eyes(0.0), we were out observing and keeping a count! We did this till 3.30 AM in the freezing cold on the cricket pitch. The result : 567 meteors spotted. Such a HUGE number of meteors! At one point, during the peak, we were seeing 4 or 5 meteors at once! :O

I saw some meteors with big trails of dust! Those were the best. This was such an awesome shower that, in the words of Raj : “You people will never see the night sky with much interest again after this. You will always think about this night :P”. Friends who have left for their homes regret leaving this early after the awesome meteor shower stats [Srimukh ;)].

Raj, Aditya and Gaurav went off to a star party with AFA, one of which I will hopefully attend next year. :3

This nearly brings an end to the 1st semester. With Zephyr, Waves, trekking, photography and whatnot, this has been awesome. And I still have 7 more of them to go!

PS: I said nearly because I still have something to look forward to! Fascination is going to organize a session in Canacona, down south, and I will accompany them this time, to see how they work. I am not sure how can I help, so this time I will just tag along. But I’m sure its going to be a learning experience. 😀

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Post-Compre Post.

Sorry for the bad title. So, compre over. I am still here in Goa.

During the compre, there were talks about this David Guetta concert with BITSians getting special discount and all. But then it was made free. And then it spread. One paper was left, but still I went to the concert which turned out to the most epic concert I have ever been to! 😀

After the compre paper, we 7 people went to Netravali Waterfalls, an awesome trekking spot. The trek was awesome, with lots of jumping on the rocks, across water. And on top of that, I had to take care of my camera! After reaching the waterfall we realized that the journey was worth it! But then, three of us were not satisfied. So me, Aman and Dilip took off on a trail to explore a bit more, and we reached to the top of the waterfall. The pic below gives an idea of the height! View from the top.


This is how we get high, PHYSICALLY.

This small trail trek was almost as adventurous as the one I had with EPAC club at Cotigao National Park. Sadly I did not complete the trek that time, but this time it was awesome. 😀

Also there was this meteor shower about which I will write a short post. Ciao 🙂