Geminids 2012

Yeah, so I stayed back on campus a bit, although by mistake, but then I knew I had to be there for the Geminid meteor shower. Geminids peaked from 11.30 PM on 13th December to 5AM on 14th December. So, loaded with apt songs and a pair of eyes(0.0), we were out observing and keeping a count! We did this till 3.30 AM in the freezing cold on the cricket pitch. The result : 567 meteors spotted. Such a HUGE number of meteors! At one point, during the peak, we were seeing 4 or 5 meteors at once! :O

I saw some meteors with big trails of dust! Those were the best. This was such an awesome shower that, in the words of Raj : “You people will never see the night sky with much interest again after this. You will always think about this night :P”. Friends who have left for their homes regret leaving this early after the awesome meteor shower stats [Srimukh ;)].

Raj, Aditya and Gaurav went off to a star party with AFA, one of which I will hopefully attend next year. :3

This nearly brings an end to the 1st semester. With Zephyr, Waves, trekking, photography and whatnot, this has been awesome. And I still have 7 more of them to go!

PS: I said nearly because I still have something to look forward to! Fascination is going to organize a session in Canacona, down south, and I will accompany them this time, to see how they work. I am not sure how can I help, so this time I will just tag along. But I’m sure its going to be a learning experience. 😀

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