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Quark 2013

Aah, long time. The second semester is on.  Much better conditions than the first one(mainly due to computer programming!). A lot of things have happened, no time to write! But yeah, the main things : CTE Web development workshop has started, going good. Also, in Quark, there is an event, _future_Hackathon, to be conducted by Jay Rambhia, which will familiarize  me with Python.

Today was the inauguration of Quark, and the mime club performance was epic. These guys are awesome! 😀

This is my reply to the post Hargun wrote on

Also, I fell from some stairs and hurt my leg, but its better now. And my camera had to be sent for repairs, thankfully still under warranty. I  expect to get it back by the coming Monday! That’s all for now, off to grab some junk food at the stalls 😀