A Charm Quark.

Quark 2013, Quantum Leaps!

Quantum Leaps
What a Quark this was! Starting with the Mime club performance(the pic above), and ending at Gajendra Verma singing Emptiness in the auditorium, not to forget that I won the last event at Quark 2013 😛

The event was call Techilla, we had to code, and every 45 seconds, take a shot of vinegar mixed with something, which tasted horrible! But it was fun! 😀

Chris Philips, the invisible man, who explained the physics of becoming invisible, was entertaining and informative at the same time!

Mark My Word, the first design conference, was a huge learning opportunity, with the IITian photographer, Ajay Koli, speaking about his experiments, and King Sidarth talking about good and bad design!

In all, it was a great experience! As Raj says:

And now, its T1 time, time to study! And after that, there’s Spree. But more on that later! Adios!

PS: the photo was taken from the DoPY facebook page!


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