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Medium invites me to write!

Here is the original post.


So, this morning, I check my mail, and this is what I find.

Medium invites you to write.

My first reaction : Yay!

To put things into perspective, this is what I tweeted out a few days ago.


So, yeah, you can see how desperately I wanted to try it out.

So, why did I like Medium so much, without even using it?

It’s because of the one thing that makes Medium appealing to most of the people. SimplicitySimple design. Clean white backgrounds with carefully chosen(this answer.), spaced fonts. No customizations, no hassle. Only good, old-fashioned writing.

I spent a good amount of time looking around at the different features, the pretty animations, most importantly, the ease of use.

Hopefully, I’ll write some more posts, soon!

[Also, ignore the dust on my hand. :P]