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Medium invites me to write!

Here is the original post.


So, this morning, I check my mail, and this is what I find.

Medium invites you to write.

My first reaction : Yay!

To put things into perspective, this is what I tweeted out a few days ago.


So, yeah, you can see how desperately I wanted to try it out.

So, why did I like Medium so much, without even using it?

It’s because of the one thing that makes Medium appealing to most of the people. SimplicitySimple design. Clean white backgrounds with carefully chosen(this answer.), spaced fonts. No customizations, no hassle. Only good, old-fashioned writing.

I spent a good amount of time looking around at the different features, the pretty animations, most importantly, the ease of use.

Hopefully, I’ll write some more posts, soon!

[Also, ignore the dust on my hand. :P]


Epic EPAC Trek.

Post Quark, post T1[don’t ask], there’s Spree a.k.a. holidays. Oddly, I did not go home. I will receive my camera any day, and I wanted to stay anyway, to see what Spree is all about.

Well, I’m glad I did. And the reason is not Spree! On 28th, Spree Day 1, I went to Bogmalo Beach, with 12 other people, members of EPAC – Environment Protection and Awareness Club, for a beach cleanup drive.

Beach Cleanup

Beach Cleanup

They already had one this semester, but I couldn’t go then. So, I somehow woke up and went at 7:15AM to the bus, which took us to the beach. On arrival, we had a panner paratha each, courtesy A-Mess. 😀

And then with surgical gloves on, carrying black plastic bags, in groups of two, we started the cleanup. We picked up bottles of all kinds of liquor, cigarette butts and other trash.

After that, we dived into the sea for a swim. Then we embarked to a rock climbing on the rocks on the right side of the beach!

Rock Climbing!

Overall, it was an awesome outing. Thanks to Ankit Vikrant and EPAC for this great experience 😀

I’m sure there’s more to come 😀

PS: Got a cut in the leg, and a few scratches, not to mention red ants on my neck, but totally worth it! xD

A Charm Quark.

Quark 2013, Quantum Leaps!

Quantum Leaps
What a Quark this was! Starting with the Mime club performance(the pic above), and ending at Gajendra Verma singing Emptiness in the auditorium, not to forget that I won the last event at Quark 2013 😛

The event was call Techilla, we had to code, and every 45 seconds, take a shot of vinegar mixed with something, which tasted horrible! But it was fun! 😀

Chris Philips, the invisible man, who explained the physics of becoming invisible, was entertaining and informative at the same time!

Mark My Word, the first design conference, was a huge learning opportunity, with the IITian photographer, Ajay Koli, speaking about his experiments, and King Sidarth talking about good and bad design!

In all, it was a great experience! As Raj says:

And now, its T1 time, time to study! And after that, there’s Spree. But more on that later! Adios!

PS: the photo was taken from the DoPY facebook page!

Quark 2013

Aah, long time. The second semester is on.  Much better conditions than the first one(mainly due to computer programming!). A lot of things have happened, no time to write! But yeah, the main things : CTE Web development workshop has started, going good. Also, in Quark, there is an event, _future_Hackathon, to be conducted by Jay Rambhia, which will familiarize  me with Python.

Today was the inauguration of Quark, and the mime club performance was epic. These guys are awesome! 😀

This is my reply to the post Hargun wrote on

Also, I fell from some stairs and hurt my leg, but its better now. And my camera had to be sent for repairs, thankfully still under warranty. I  expect to get it back by the coming Monday! That’s all for now, off to grab some junk food at the stalls 😀

Its On.

Boo yeah, its on. Waves time. Agam performs tonight, and I am covering photography 😀

According to weather reports, it is supposed to rain here for the next three days, the days of the fest 😦
Let’s hope they got it wrong. There’s a mild drizzle now and then, but nothing to be worried about, YET. Today I lost and found my memory card! Long story short, I ended up cleaning my whole room looking for that small card!

Gotta go, this is the when inaug starts. Bye!