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Nikon Camera Woes.

Yeah, so it’s been nearly 2 months since I have seen my camera. Nikon service is sorely lacking, and I can see it now. I own a Nikon D5100 with an 18-55 kit lens, bought on 16th May, 2013. On January 12th, 2013, suddenly it refused to recognize my kit lens. I tried other lenses, and even tried my lens on other cameras. The problem was with the camera. So I gave it to the official Goa Nikon Collection Centre, in Madgaon on 15th Januray (not really sure about the dates). Then, after a wait of 15-20 days, I received it back on 5th February, 2013. It was working fine, no problems detected at all. After 3-4 days of working fine, it came up with a new error. This time, it wouldn’t click at all. Mirror lockup problem or something. I promptly took it to the service center again, on 11th February, 2013. Today is 19th March, 2013, and I still haven’t received it back. What went wrong?

I have been contacting the customer care in Mumbai. Yesterday, I was told that the mirror issue has been resolved, but there is some focusing problem. Note that BEFORE giving the camera for repair, there was no such problem. Is it something to do with inefficient work at the service center? How many such cases are there? I daresay, mine is one of them. I found another one, related to the same camera as mine, but the credibility of this cannot really be verified: http://goo.gl/WD8TQ

I tweeted about it:

Got a reply:

Things look a little better. There’s still no reply to the email, but at least they are not completely avoiding me. 😛

I’ll update this when I get any further info on the cam.

P.S.: My plans to buy a new lens (70-300) are on a hold due to this.

UPDATE: They got back to me via email and phone call. Camera to be dispatched tomorrow.

Not such a big one, but still, a social media win. 😀

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