Yeah, that’s my favorite smiley for now. o.O O.o

That’s because I’m confused [ob. :p]

And that’s because I got into 3 departments! o.O

1. Department of Photography [DoPy]

2. Department of Creative Media[DCM]

3. Waves Controls. [Waves is going to be HUGE this year.]

I will be in all of them, but what I am confused about is how to manage them all. o.O

I will figure that out soon, I guess.

I HATE BIOLOGY. ‘Nuff said.

I created a photography page on facebook ^_^


Right now, I am working on taking more and more photos, and want to get better with each shot. I am learning. I will grow with my page. It will be slow at first, and will take a lot of work, but I guess I can do that.

College is fun, people are great, fests are going to be huge.

More on that later, bye for now. (:


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